Bondservant of Our Lord Jesus Christ (Philippians 2:7)

“but made Himself of no reputation, taking the form of a bondservant, and coming in the likeness of men.”- Philippians 2:7

When looking in a dictionary at the word humble, the defining word should be Jesus Christ. Jesus is the definition of humble in all it’s fullness. He made himself of no reputation, he made it so people could not praise his name, he didnt take the credit for the good works but, instead he turned everything to the father. He wanted the world to know him not by the things he did but by God who sent him to do these marvelous works. He turned everything to the Lord, and in this I desire to do also. Thankfully we have been gifted with the Holy Spirit which helps keep our eyes turned to the Lord, and through him we can guide the praise to the Lord. Jesus also took the form of a bondservent. A bondservent is a servant that is no longer, or is not in a bondage to servitude but, they have purposed the desire in their heart to serve the master for the sake of honoring them. Jesus was not in bondage to serving the Lord, he choose to serve him and follow his instructions. I am a bondservent of Christ. I am choosing to follow the Lord, I am not being forced to by some bond. I am choosing to follow the Lord because he is so good, so good! God has given us the freedom of free will and, choosing to be a bondservent of Jesus Christ out of my own free will has been amazing! It’s so special, it makes my relationship with the Lord so intimate and unique and find such pleasure in serving him. In Philippians 2:7, it also says that Jesus came in the likeliness of men. Jesus came to the earth as a man, he wanted to be at our level in order to reach us and connect with us on a deeper level. When Paul says that he came in the likeliness of man I cannot help but to try and relate this to us as believers. I think this could also mean that we should be living in the world but, not be apart of the world. We should have an understanding of how men think, our how our flesh thinks, in order to use that as a tool for ministry. God I just pray that you would give me a heart for the Lost, give me understanding in the likeliness of men so that I may be able to minister to them in a greater capacity. God guide my heart, influence my mind to remain focused on serving you out of love and obedience. I want to be a bondservant of you God, and be focused on eternity.



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